Secrets of Good Health.

Although 10 factors are enumerated for keeping good health there are several other factors including environmental, accidental, fire, drug abuse and sexual causes which may affect our health. These factors may be considered under precautions section.

Healthy Food & Clean water

Food is source energy and nutrition and essential body growth and good health.

Food contains 6 essential ingredients. These are carbohydrate, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Fiber is also needed but it is present in all foods.

For proper growth a balanced diet is essential. A balanced diet is the one, which we should consume in right proportion of all essential ingredients, to maintain healthy body weight and avoid over weight.

An adult needs calories depending on their body constitution, type of work, age, sex and climatic conditions. A growing child needs proportionately more calories than an adult.

Under normal conditions balanced diet is taken in proportion of 3:1:1 carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Minerals and vitamins can not be quantified in proportion but daily requirement is specified.

Whatever food we consume whether it is vegetarian or animal food it has to be digested, that means the food is broken to its basic ingredients like proteins to amino acids, fats to fatty acids and carbohydrates to sugars before they are absorbed. Body has got the capacity to convert one food to another food like proteins to fats, fats to carbohydrates and vice versa depending on the body needs. Excess food we consume is converted and stored in the body in the form of fat. Under starving conditions the stored fat is utilized for energy source.

Proteins are made up of amino acids. Amino acids are two types essential amino acids and ordinary amino acids. Essential amino acids are not formed in the body and are to be taken from outside source. Ordinary amino acids are manufactured in the body.

In the same way fatty acids are also two types essential and non essential.

Fats are also two types saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fats are not good for health.

Every food we consume has got all the food ingredients in one or other proportion.

Under normal healthy conditions it is better to consume less fatty and protein diets.

Vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses are better preferred over other foods and junky foods.

There are records that Mr.Thomas Parr from England lived for 152 years 9 months was living totally on vegetarian foods. He was the longest recorded living man in history, who  died in 1635.

Recently Habib Miandias from Jaipur, India was 138 years when he died in August 2008.

He was eating simple foods.

Healthy Food:

Food is carrier of many diseases like thypoid, food poisioning, diarrhea, dysentry, worm infestation, hepatiris and many other diseases.

Hence fresh hygeinic food is to be preffered. Stored rottren foods are to be avoided. Junk foods and oily foods are to be avoided as they are source of high cholesterol

and cause of obesity.

Clean Water:

Water is the most important ingredient of life.

Without water life is not possible. So consumption of clean water should be adequate and proper. So the following factors are to be remembered i adequate consumption of water.

- Water is source of many diseases, the most important being hepatitis and worms.

- Water is lost from body in many ways like respiration, perspiration, urine etc.

- More water is lost from the body in uncontrolled diabetes, through persiration in hot climates, in diseases like Diarrhea, dysentry , vomiting and in many 

  unspecified ways.

-Adequate replacement of water depends on age, sex, physical condition, disease and climatic conditions.

- Too much water consumption also leads to water logging in our body and ill health.

How to Consume Water?

- Early morning after getting up from sleep a glass of water may be taken so that good evacuation of bowels may take place by gastrocolic reflex.

  If this is practiced regularly the bowel movements are regulated and early and clean emptying of bowels will take place and constipation may be controlled.

- Drinking water may be avoided during period of half an hour before eating and up to half an hour after eating. This practice promotes good digestion, reduces acidity,

  gas formation and avoids fullness of stomach and discomfort after eating.

Why we need not drink water whil eating?

Our  digestion of food takes place through many digestive juices in our stomack and intestines like hydrochloric acid, gastric juices, bile and intestinal juices.

Body is set to digest food through some concentration of these juices. Food will be digested properly if the concentration of these juices is maintained.

If water is consumed while eating the digestive juices will be diluted accordingly and food digestion will be affected. Hence more digestive juices are secreted

leading to more acidity and gas formation. This leads to hyperacidity ,gastritis, fullness of stomach, heartburn,and ulcer formation.

So drinking water during eating may be avoided to improve digestion. 



Adequate rest and sleep


Proper body posture

Prevention of disease (vaccination and precautions)

Yoga and exercises

Early treatment of disease

Positive thinking

Social well being

Breathing and meditation

Abstinence from alcohol and smoking

"You can't change the past

  But you can spoil

  Perfectly good present

  By worrying about the future "