Ending session Relaxation.( Corpse Pose)


Set No 32: Relaxation (corpse pose)


Now just lie down on the back in a very relaxed way. Keep your body totally still like a corpse. Lie down calmly fully relaxed for specified time. Next taking attention to all parts of the body, one by one starting from feet ending with arms and finally whole body is to be concentrated.…relax the whole body. Finally turn to right side and wait few minutes before slowly get up. Sit calmly and rub your hands to warm up and lightly massage your face with rotator movements.  

How much time to relax?

 If you have performed full body exercises, with full relaxation, in the beginning you feel some discomfort in the legs followed by followed by tingling and numbness in the lower limbs which disappears slowly and you feel legs and feet totally relaxed. This because of sudden blood flow in the legs and which becomes sluggish with proper exercises.

It may take about five minutes or more. That gives indication of full relaxation.

It is better to relax in this pose for 10 to 15 minutes if the full body exercises were performed.

If fewer exercises were done you may relax accordingly.