1. Importance of Health

Existence is the rule of the Universe.

Fight for existence is the rule of nature.

Human life can exist only if other life exists.

Health of whole life is important for existence.

Protect other life to protect your life.

So protect your health to protect other life.

The ultimate goal of human beings is to lead a HAPPY LIFE. To achieve this, human beings formulated many diverse principles depending on individuals thinking and society needs. The ultimate aim of every religion, every culture and every social custom is to develop healthy and happy society comprising of individuals. Here, an effort is made to suggest a scientific way of leading a healthy and HAPPY LIFE, which can be achieved by individual effort.

Health is Wealth. This is a well known wise saying. Everybody likes to lead a happy life. Good health is the first and foremost basis of happy life. From birth to death we are governed by our fate. Keeping healthy is in our control and that is the primary source of happiness.