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I am Dr.S.K.SETTY, specialist in Orthopaedics having over 40 years experience in this field dealing with all types of orthopaedic and other medical problems, having interest in treating the Patients with less medications and concentrating more on physical and exercise programs, tried to eliminate the curable diseases, prevent serious complications of otherwise disabling consequences Of musculo-skeletal disorders. Being an Orthopaedic specialist I have to manage many disabling diseases like osteoarthritis of the knee, cervical disc prolapse, lumbar disc prolapse and postural backaches to name few. I always tried to prescribe medicines for short periods to alleviate acute symptoms and taught the patients with effective exercises to control the disease progress and prevent further attacks by regular exercise program. Those who strictly followed our instructions Were happy and did not suffer serious relapses and disabilities.

I myself thoroughly studied the effectiveness of regular yoga and exercises by regular practice and their effectiveness on my health has encouraged me to apply them on patients suffering from variety of health problems and I studied the beneficial effects of the regular exercises on the health of individuals (physical, mental and social well-being) With this vast experience I like to inform the needy people with the effects of regular yoga and exercises on our body and their role in preventing and controlling the many chronic diseases.This makes life easy and one can lead a happy and healthy life.Those who want to participate in this program should first thoroughly read and understand the program objectives and instructions before getting started. Then only full benefits can be achieved.Improper and irregular practice of the yoga exercises will lead dissatisfaction.

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As a first such an attempt this site is developed solely by my own ideas, medical knowledge and experience. This site is meant for people who are seriously willing to improve their health and prevent some curable diseases in advance. This site is primarily meant for disorders of musculo-skeletal system though it can benefit whole body and mind. The material and ideas put forward here may clash with the ideas of well-experienced and learned experts. If any such clashes are encountered I sincerely request them to put forward their criticism through feedback column and I will correct my mistakes and improve the content of this site. Further I request the visitors, my friends and well wishers of this site to kindly send their criticism, comments, suggestions and enquiries through feedback column and help me to perfect this site. I am grateful to my close friend Proffesor Ganti Prasad Rao, who helped me to develop this site through his valuable suggestions and editing the content of this site.