9. Benefits of Body Exercises and Yoga

Benefits of Yoga exercises are plenty. To explain mechanism of each benefit is very lengthy process. Benefits are well explained wherever necessary. In general the benefits are achieved through meeting the energy requirements of the body tissues by effective blood circulation and timely removal of toxic materials from the body cells.

9.1. Regulate the sleeping mechanism- Sleep and relaxation is most important factor for healthy life. Irregularity of sleep is a common problem. Sleep is affected      through accumulation of toxic chemicals in the brain which are effectively drained through exercises and mental relaxation .

9.2. Activate  our mind's biological clock and inform us about what is to be done at what time. By activating biological clock, so many daily activities are time bound,sleep, hunger, mental alertness ( working time) and even exercise time is set and we get mental alarm at exactly same time every day if the biological clock is set properly. We do not need alarm clock if we strictly follow the mind's biological clock.

9.3. Control the restless leg syndrome, which is the most common problem in the present society.

9.4. Control the restless night syndrome – Here people suddenly wake from sleep and feel disturbed and become restless for hours and do all sorts of efforts to sleep again. But they do not get sleep for long time.

9.5. Exercises improve the range of joint movements by effectively stretching the joint ligaments and increasing the ligament elasticity, strengthening the ligaments to their maximum capacity. Ligament stretching and strengthening of ligaments prevent from injuries of joints and occurrence of fractures to a great extent.

9.6. Muscle strength is improved by full contraction of muscles and stretching of muscles during exercises. Strong muscles are needed for our healthy and happy living.

9.7. Regular exercises strengthen the heart function by improving its circulation and formation of flakes in the heart vessels is prevented.

9.8. Not only the joint ligaments but all other ligaments of our body are stretched and strengthened.

9.9. Tissue perfusion is improved and timely tissue repair is undertaken.

9.10. Regulate digestive system, improve the digestion, increase appetite, reduce acidity and promote regular bowel function.

9.11. Improve the function of internal organs like liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and other internal organs (endocrines) by massage like effect on these organs by certain special exercises so that sluggish organs get stimulated and function well Best Trampoline.

9.12. Reduce the dosage of medicines by improving the absorption of medicine and distribution of the medicine to cells by improved perfusion of the cells. So the dosage of medicine in many chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension can be reduced to half by regular yoga.

9.13. Effectively overcome disuse atrophy of muscles and in bones and joints in degenerative joint diseases like joint pains, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and other joint diseases.

9.14. The exercises may not totally prevent diseases but can protect and fight against the disease producing micro organisms and natural forces by timely response of the body defense mechanism.

9.15. Promote the effective repair of the tissues after injury or disease and aid early recovery .

9.16. Increase the body resistance by promoting healthy external organs like skin, ears, mouth, nostrils and eyes.

9.17. Rejuvinate body and aging process of the tissues and brain will be delayed and person looks younger.

9.18. Improve the mental performance, increase memory and activate mind of right judgment and quick decision-making.

9.19. Calms the mind and reduce anxiety, fear, and depression and reduce the ill effects of chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes and many other diseases.

9.20. Generate positive thinking and lead to realization of self and meaning fullness of life.

So exercises should be part and parcel of our life. Our concentration is focused not on physical body exercises meant for body building but on yoga exercises which are meant for long term health of every part of the body and personality development. Here the subject is focused on all body health and also prevention and cure of each part of the body like joints, muscles, ligaments and internal organs. Here suggestions are made on individual needs depending on how much time they can afford each day for their body fitness and how to overcome disabilities of each part of the body by yogic exercises along with medical treatment. These yogic exercises should be performed in a systematic way to get maximum benefits and should be carefully observed and learned before practicing.

Before starting daily yoga exercises a basic routine should be followed.