7. Exercises and Yoga

Why the exercises are important for our body?
One of the most important secrets of keeping good health is body exercise. Regular exercises make our body active and keep the diseases under control. Human beings are physically the weakest of all creatures on earth. They need external support to keep their body safe and out of danger and through their intelligence they create many artificial things for safety, health and happiness, where as other creatures are naturally provided with various defense systems to protect their bodies and secure their food and safety. Other creatures do not cultivate food, store food or depend on others for their daily needs. They have themselves to search for food and defend themselves through self defense mechanisms. So they are always physically active and go through natural exercises. So they do not need additional exercises to keep their body active and vigorous.
Besides that animals know what to eat and what is fit for their body. They do not eat what is not good for their health and safety. They don't drink or smoke. They can detect poisonous foods by smelling them and avoid eating them. In this way they protect their bodies and remain comparatively healthier than humans. Hence animals are indirectly doing exercises to keep their body fit and healthy and they have high digestive power as they do not cook foods and consume natural raw foods. It means that natural foods are healthier than artificial and junk foods.
Even in human beings up to certain age nature acts to force us to undergo physical activity in natural way. After fertilization the fertilized egg has to travel a long distance before gestation. In the mother's womb the fetus is always moving and limbs are actively stretched and flexed and Mother feels the fetus movements and gets worried if the fetus is not hitting the mother’s womb. After birth the newborn baby suddenly gets stimulated and cries and moves body vigorously. Babies constantly and vigorously move their limbs and make several gestures from the time of birth itself. Small children try to run, play and try to keep themselves physically active by doing all sorts of movements in the home and parents are sometimes worried about their children without knowing that it is nature’s way of keeping the children healthy and promote their growth. Young children are always keen to play and keep physically active. All this is nature’s way of keeping our body active and forcing the body to do natural exercises to keep healthy and promote normal growth in children.
Nature takes care of our body before we realize the importance of exercises. As we grow it is left to our choice to do exercises and to keep our body healthy and active. Every body knows that it is important to keep healthy and health is a source of happiness. But how many are working in this direction to follow the nature’s rule to keep fit? Here it should be stressed that that in humans, nothing comes naturally except eating and drinking, without learning. We have to learn everything to perform our tasks in beneficial ways; so also the exercises. Exercises are to be learned to perform in a systematic way for the beneficial effects on our body, mind and thereby health . 

Why we become sick and suffer? 

is a vast subject. It is very difficult to go into full details. But a brief explanation is given below. Our life is supported by nature around us. Nature is created to support life on earth and more so the human life. Without other life on earth human life cannot exist. But without Humans all other life can exist. Human life is created after all other creation is perfected. Till now human life is the latest form of life in the process of evolution of the various life forms. 

Why human life cannot exist without other form of life on earth? Life started on earth with formation of single cell organisms. That is the first step in creation. Next step is two cell organisms. In this way life is built up step by step to the present form of vertebral species – the humans. Every step is supported by the step below. If the first step that is the single cell organisms perishes from earth the bottom foundation is gone and all other steps( forms of life) collapse and life vanishes from our planet. Because 1st foundation step is support for upper steps. In each step there may be several types of organisms. If some organisms in that step perish it may not affect much. If all the organisms of one step perish the steps above will collapse. Suppose first step single cell organisms perish on earth whole life on earth will perish. So life on earth depends on one on another. Earth’s biosphere is a grand “society” of living things-plants and animals, in which life forms live in an ecological balance which is essential for life to sustain. Why so?

How the exercises can help to promote our health?

There are several ways that the exercises and yoga help our body to keep healthy and fast recover from illness. Exercises need supply of energy and supply of energy is possible through good blood circulation. So good circulation in the body is possible through opening of the already closed vessels. Hence the capillaries, which are mostly collapsed during sedentary stage of our body will open up and improve circulation to meet the energy needs of active body. Improved circulation of the body tissues promote the regeneration and drainage of accumulated impurities and make the body tissues healthy and vitality of the tissues. If the tissues are healthy they fight against the disease producing forces and keep the body healthy. Our body constantly fights against micro-organisms which are all around us and try to attack our body. Our body’s defense mechanism to defend our body, from disease producing external forces, will be improved by body exercises.

Micro-organisms which are all around us,on one way support our life on earth by clearing the poisonous materials in our climate, and on another way attack our body in a harmful way to generate disease in our body tissues. So it is our body which has to develop immunity against the disease. So the exercises do this job by improving the circulation and providing energy needs of our body to defend against disease producing forces..