•Assessment of physical condition

It is important to consider your fitness before starting these exercises. Depending on your physical conditions certain precautions are to be taken starting should be slow and gradual if you are suffering from certain diseases. The following diseases are to be assesed. Heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, joint diseases, disc prolapse and any deformities are to be given special consideration and medical advice is to be sought before starting exercise program. Certain set of exercises are good for each condition and are to be selected through medical advice. For medical advice contact us through FEEDBACK AND ENQUIRY column

  • Assessment of physical condition
  • Preparation before starting
  • Best time for practice
  • Food and Yoga
  • Schedule for beginners
  • Whole body yoga exercises. Divided into four parts of half an hour each.
  • Preventive and curative exercises for each part of the body
  • Relaxation

"You can't change the past

  But you can spoil

  Perfectly good present

  By worrying about the future "